Monday, March 5, 2012

Restaurant Style

With my upcoming Paris trip I am doing hours of research on the ever-changing restaurant scene. Wine bars are still sprouting up left and right, with small shared plates being very popular. Of course the famous places are right where they have been for longer than anyone can remember, and the premier chefs are extending their reach putting their mark on a galaxy of establishments in an array of neighborhoods and styles.

My first night ever in Paris was spent following my Mother and sister all over St. Germain reading the menus posted in front to be sure that we were going to have the best meal possible within what seemed like 5 square miles. Even though it was 25 years & many visits to Paris ago, I still remember that restaurant and the feeling I had dining there. It is only appropriate that I have in my kitchen an antique standing menu holder, similar to the ones I wanted to never see again that first night. Whatever the dining format there is a consistent feel to a Parisian restaurant that exudes charm rarely found anywhere else.

Following are examples of some of my favorite elements along with some ideas of how you can bring them into your own kitchen or dining area.

The Handwritten Menu
Usually found on a chalkboard or storefront.

 Cafe Chairs

Antique or Vintage Signage

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