Sunday, February 19, 2012

Make Cooking An Elegant Affair

I am a sucker for white porcelain, so I have to admit that when the new Pillivuyt catalog arrived in the mail on Saturday it made my weekend. For anyone who enjoys cooking the wares used in the kitchen need to be efficient and durable, and if you want to bring it to the next level you can outfit your workspace with things that are clever and beautiful at the same time.

Everyone who comes to my house is used to preparations going on during an event. The party always ends up in the kitchen anyway, so you may as well make it a busy, lively place. Just be sure to have nibbles on the counter and a bar nearby.

I fell in love with Pillivuyt when I first laid eyes on Collection Brasserie.

It was designed in the 1920's for restaurants & cafes 
who wanted their menus printed on their tableware.

Their glaze on all of their pieces is exceptionally hard making them easy to clean and also allowing them to be used in extremely hot ovens. More importantly (to me at least) is the look. Attention was obviously paid to the details. Delicate handles and lovely pleats abound, creating a very fragile and elegant look to these workhorses. 
 Louis XVIII Chocolate Pot

 Milk Jugs

 Egg Dishes


 Oval Eared Gratin Dishes

Of course for every respectable French kitchen:
 Lion's Head Tureens

 and last, but surely not least, the famous Cow Creamer.

Bon apetit!

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