Welcome to Madeleine's View ! This is where I put down my thoughts on art, design & decoration. There are a few staples that will be repeated with different themes each time.
  • Friday's Four Faves is comprised of four favorite things found in magazines, news sources, emails, other blogs or random surfing throughout the week. They may not all be specific to Interior Design but everything inspires.
  • Best Seat In The House is a sort of restaurant review critiquing the design of the restaurant and suggesting where is the best place to sit to enable the best view. There may also be some commentary on the food and/or service because we can't help ourselves.
  • Trend To Reality will investigate a current trend and offer suggestions and examples of how to work this trend into your home in a realistic way, i.e. glass floors do not belong in every home.

Because I have to do something other than write this blog, I own an Interior Design company called Madeleine Donovan Interiors and have been working as a Designer for over 20 years. Design fascinates me with its constant evolution and the ever-changing world of artists and trends coming through a constantly revolving door. The design world is like a huge museum with styles and tastes spanning the spectrum, and every time I turn a corner someone is doing something never done before.

The best thing about Interior Design is that there is no right or wrong, just whatever makes someone happy. My job is to figure out what people love, put it together in the best way possible, and then give them the space of their dreams!

If you need any help on a project, large or small, feel free to contact me at m@madeleinechicago.com. Visit www.MadeleineChicago.com for more information on Madeleine Donovan Interiors.