Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's Fave Four

The Pump Room
It's not your Grandfather's Pump Room
Watch for upcoming feature in "Best Seat In the House"

Mastro's Las Vegas
I know we have our own, but I have to admit I've spent more time in the "Tree House". 

Scalamandre Ming Circus
This timeless whimsical pattern is great in any room!

William Yeoward Pillows
Amazing colors & textures!


  1. Have to see it in person but not loving the Pump Room deco.

  2. You really need to see it in person. It's modern and elegant at once. Also, you need to know in advance that it is not anything like it was before. It is Ian Schrager through and through. The floorplan remains the same, the heavy trimwork was kept and painted white, and the photos have been moved but are still on display.

    Most importantly, it is bustling all the time now. Unfortunately not enough people liked the old design enough to keep them in business.