Friday, February 3, 2012

In From the Cold

I love the winter weather, as long as I am not stuck in one of Chicago's infamous wind tunnels. My favorite part though is coming in from the cold to a cozy space. Large or small, bright or dim, any space can be made to feel warm and homey with a few touches.

Piles of throw pillows....

.... a cozy throw....

.... a textured rug....

.....or, the easiest but most influential component, lighting. 
Lighting changes everything. 
The right lighting will set the tone, soften the edges, cover any flaws
and makes everyone look and feel better.

Of course music can do wonders too, but that would require an entire book not a blog.
I'm playing Van Morrison as I write, which is certainly warming me up.

Enjoy the blustery weather!

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